Why High Twist ?

„High Twist“ is a term used to describe a type of fabric made from a high-twist yarn. Once the appropriate fiber is selected, it is twisted and spun multiple times to achieve greater resilience and natural elasticity. This technique reduces the fabric's tendency to wrinkle and ensures an elegant drape. High twist fabrics are often woven in a plain weave which contributes to the fabric's appealing texture, resulting in a durable material that feels crisp when worn.



For decades, Dechamps was known for their High Twist qualities in plain colours. Our first collection is named after this iconic Dechamps product.

Today, you can find a beautiful stock of vintage Dechamps High Twist super 100s at Lafayette Saltiel Drapiers, like this olive green "cool wool" from the early 90s. Dechamps made them exclusively for Lafayette Saltiel Drapiers and they are available in 21 colors.


Photo: Lafayette Saltiel Drapiers


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