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Among the walls of an architects library in the Marais, Paris, Dechamps breathes. If you approach the atelier you might hear the sound of cutting, tearing and machine running. Unlike bespoke tailors, the franco-german duo proposes a timeless wardrobe and presents two collections a year that are a playground to explore, extent and express creativity and craftsmanship.


In the atelier, the collection pieces are imagined, drawn and manufactured. By turning the process of creation visible for every client, the making of their piece becomes a personal and intimate experience.
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From wool to cloth 

Originally established in 1872 in Aachen, Germany, Dechamps was a mill specialized in fine wool fabrics and was run by Camil's family for over a century.

True to craftsmanship

The leather artisans and selliers we collaborate with blend their expertise, tradition, and modern ideas into Dechamps Haute Maroquinerie. Our creative work with leather is punctuated by the discovery of dormant leather stocks, giving rise to limited editions, crafted in the heart of France. 

Dechamps Wardrobe 

Within our atelier, we offer a a line of essentials that stay eternally in stock and are extended over time. These pieces can be personalized through a private fitting and will be crafted to order. 
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Thoughtfully crafted cuts, skillful assemblies, and carefully selected materials, sourced from dormant fabric stocks and made from natural fibers, ensure the longevity of Dechamps creations.
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Photos by Olivier Jaquet